About me

I’m a Telecom engineer and Linux SysAdmin who loves solving problems. Like the old hackers, I really need to understand how things work, so I like learning new things every day. I’m passionate about technology in general but specially about all internet related stuff.

About this blog

In 2005 I wanted to learn PHP so rather than using one of the popular blog engines available those days, I decided to write my own code to build my blog.

Since those early days I’ve been using this blog to write some blog entries about technical challenges I deal with everyday.

Nowadays I’ve replaced my beloved blog engine with a simple static site generator called Pelican with no database and no server-side logic requirements. The new blog uses the beautifull theme Plumage by Kevin Deldycke. On the other hand the blog content is hosted on GitHub.

All the technical entries have been migrated into the new blog but if you want, you can still visit the old blog here.