On February 2017, AWS announced the availability of a new EBS feature called Elastic Volumes. The new feature allows you to increase the size, performance and type and of your EBS volumes while in use. In order to take adantage of this great feature some requisites needs to be done.

  • The volume needs to be attached to a compatible instance: C1, C3, CC2, CR1, G2, I2, M1, M3 y R3 and later.
  • The volume was attached to the instance after the November 1 of 2016.

To modify the volumen size just type the new volumen size using the “Modify Volume” action on the AWS Console.

EBS volume resize

Note: depending on the new size the action can takes several hours.

Once the action completes, log into the instance and expand de filesystem. In my case since I’m using LVM I need to expand the physical and logical volumes.

pvresize /dev/xvdg
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/vgroup2/volume

And finally the ext4 filesystem:

resize2fs /dev/vgroup2/volume

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